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The AccuZIP6 Commands Source is designed to help you manipulate your data by using one of the commonly used commands listed below, and to help you create your own commands.

These commands are for use in the AccuZIP6 Command window. For more information about the Command feature, refer to Contents under the Help menu of AccuZIP6.

Many more commands can be found in the Commands Forum. Send an email to our support department or visit if you need a member of the AccuZIP6 support staff to create a command for you.

Fix Private Mail Box (PMB) Addresses

When an address begins with the PMB number, this command puts the street number and street name in front of the PMB. Read More

Merge Address Fields

Merges data from two address fields into one. Read More

Add Leading Zeros to ZIP

For ZIP Codes missing leading zeros, this command will add them. Read More

Add Sequence Numbers to a Database

Adds sequence numbers to a field in your database. Read More

Remove Leading Zeros from Address

Removes leading zeros from street number. Read More

Convert the Barcode to ZIP4+DP Digits

Puts the Zip+4 and Delivery Point into the barcode field. Read More

Standardize Rural Routes

Standardizes rural route addresses for better validation accuracy. Read More

Remove last word from a field

Strips the last word out of a field. Read More

Remove the Last Number from a field

Strips a field of the last number that appears in the field. Read More

Transfer the last word in a field to another field

Strips the last word of a field and moves the last word to a field of your choice. Read More

Insert Slashes into a field with a date

When the field containing a date is a 6-digit number, this command will insert slashes after the month and the day. Read More

Insert a comma between last and first names in FIRST field

In the FIRST field, if you have last names followed by first names with a space in between, this command will replace that space with a comma, in order to make the Parse feature separate the fields properly. Read More

Sorting a Number in a Character Field

This command puts the numbers in a character type field in a correct numeric sequence. Read More

Close a database

This command will allow you to close a database. It can be useful when you want to add a close database event to a script. Read More

Separate Address and Address2 when they're in the same field and boxes are in between

This command will move the address2 information into a field named address2. Read More

Insert a comma into a number when the number is larger than 999

This command will place a comma in the correct spot of a number when the number is larger than 999. Example: The command changes 1000 to 1,000. Read More

Export out of AccuZIP6 as Pipe delimited text

This command will export your open database as a pipe delimited (|) text file. The location of the file is built into the command. Read More

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