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The AccuZIP6 Commands Source is designed to help you manipulate your data by using one of the commonly used commands listed below, and to help you create your own commands.

These commands are for use in the AccuZIP6 Command window. For more information about the Command feature, refer to Contents under the Help menu of AccuZIP6.

Many more commands can be found in the Commands Forum. Send an email to our support department or visit if you need a member of the AccuZIP6 support staff to create a command for you.

Fix Private Mail Box (PMB) Addresses

When an address begins with the PMB number, this command puts the street number and street name in front of the PMB. Read More

Merge Address Fields

Merges data from two address fields into one. Read More

Merge Fields from Duplicate Records Into One

If you have duplicate records in a file that you wish to merge together into a single record, this command and process will do that. Read More

Merge names that have the same address

If you have multiple records with the same address but different names in your database, this command and the small program that you can download will combine the names that share the same address into one record, and it will remove the duplicate addresses from the database. Read More

Merge two files together

Here is an easy way to merge two files together using the Command feature Read More

Merge Data from Duplicate Records into 1 record and 1 Field

Combine information from up to 3 different fields and 30 duplicate records into one record.
Read More

Add Leading Zeros to ZIP

For ZIP Codes missing leading zeros, this command will add them. Read More

Add Sequence Numbers to a Database

Adds sequence numbers to a field in your database. Read More

Remove Leading Zeros from Address

Removes leading zeros from street number. Read More

Remove last word from a field

Strips the last word out of a field. Read More

Remove the Last Number from a field

Strips a field of the last number that appears in the field. Read More

Remove Non-keyboard characters from any field

Use this command to remove any character from a field that cannot be typed from the Keyboard
Read More

Move first word in a field to the end of the field or to another field

The following command will take the first word in a field and move it to the end of the field. Read More

Move Address2 into Address if Address is empty.

If you have addresses in the address2 field instead of address, and address is empty, this command will move the address2 data into address. Read More

Transfer the last word in a field to another field

Strips the last word of a field and moves the last word to a field of your choice. Read More

Insert a comma into a number when the number is larger than 999

This command will place a comma in the correct spot of a number when the number is larger than 999. Example: The command changes 1000 to 1,000. Read More

Insert a comma between last and first names in FIRST field

In the FIRST field, if you have last names followed by first names with a space in between, this command will replace that space with a comma, in order to make the Parse feature separate the fields properly. Read More

Insert Space in Full name

This command will take a name in the field called First is camelCase formatted and insert a space between first and last name Read More

Insert Slashes into a field with a date

When the field containing a date is a 6-digit number, this command will insert slashes after the month and the day. Read More

Insert slashes into a field that contains a date

Assuming the format of the date is MMDDYYYY or MMDDYY, here is a command that will insert slashes so the end results looks like: MM/DD/YYYY or MM/DD/YY Read More

Insert Commas into proper places within a number

The following command will insert a comma into a number for numbers as large as 999999999. In that example, it'll change that field to 999,999,999. Read More

Swap last and first at the comma (change last, first to first last)

This command moves anything before the comma to the end of the field, after what originally appears after the comma (change Last Name, First Name to First Name Last Name) Read More

Convert the Barcode to ZIP4+DP Digits

Puts the Zip+4 and Delivery Point into the barcode field. Read More

Standardize Rural Routes

Standardizes rural route addresses for better validation accuracy. Read More

Sorting a Number in a Character Field

This command puts the numbers in a character type field in a correct numeric sequence. Read More

Close a database

This command will allow you to close a database. It can be useful when you want to add a close database event to a script. Read More

Separate Address and Address2 when they're in the same field and boxes are in between

This command will move the address2 information into a field named address2. Read More

Launch a .bat file

This command allows you to use the command feature to call an external program through running a .bat file. Read More

Add Errno_ Definition field

This command will add a field called errno_desc to the database and then fill errno_desc with the errno_ code description. Read More

Create an Excel file with count by State

Run this command to export a count by state as an Excel file Read More

Learn which records qualify for HD, HD+ or Saturation Rates

This command marks records that have enough pieces in a route to qualify for High-Density rates (or better). After running this command, show the marked records. Run this command after address validation. Read More

Weed out unwanted routes from EDDM List

Run this command on your EDDM List to delete all ZIP/Route combinations that are not in the list of those you want to mail. Read More

Rename maildat files in presort folder

Automatically rename your presort's maildat files, appending the Job ID to the maildat file names. Read More

Import hundreds of lists at once

This command allows you to import several files at once, combining all files into one database.

In order for this to work, all of your files will have to have the same field structure, and the files will have to be in the same directory. Read More

Add a package break mark to non-packaged based presort file

If you need a "*" in the pkgmark_ field on package breaks, then use the following code to add this. Read More

Add County Information to Simplified Lists

If you are creating an EDDM/Simplified Mailing List and you want to claim In-County Rates, those records have to include the county information in it. Considering you can't validate a record with no address, you can use this command to create and populate the Countynm_ and countyno_ fields, and then choose In-County Rates on the presort setup window to get your in-county rates claimed. Read More

Errno_ Description

This command will create a field named errno_desc and it will fill in this field with errno_ descriptions for all of the undeliverable addresses in the list. Read More

Export the IM® Barcode during the Scripting process

Add a Command Event to your script AFTER the Presort Mail event with the following Syntax: Read More

Export out of AccuZIP6 as Pipe delimited text

This command will export your open database as a pipe delimited (|) text file. The location of the file is built into the command. Read More

Export as different file types and specify fields

Export your data from the Command window using the instructions below. Read More

Export database name with Date Stamp added to the name

This command exports your database and automatically adds the date stamp in YYMMDD format Read More

Export as tab delimited text with a header

Use this command to export your data as a tab separated text file with a header record: Read More

Add a counter for each container and bundle to an export

This command will add two fields that will act as counters for the amount of pieces in a tray or sack and the amount of pieces in a bundle, so these numbers will reset at 1 for each new bundle or tray. Read More

Continuous Bundle Numbers

If you would like your bundle numbers to be continuous throughout the presorted file rather than restarting at the next tray you can use the following command to accomplish that. Read More

Parse Address Command

This command works separates address, city , state, and ZIP Code into their respective fields when this information appears in the field named Address and nothing is in City, St, or Zip Read More

Parse Name and Address

If you have the name, address, city, st, and zip all in one single field, assign the field named Address to that field, and this command will parse that data in to their respective fields. Read More

Generate a random number of any length

This command will generate a guaranteed Random number in a Character or Numeric Field. Read More

Generate unique, random 4-digit numbers in a list

Generate a random 4-digit number in a field called "record" in your list Read More

Select a group of records in a command

If you would like to use the command feature to get a selection of records on your screen instead of the search editor you can use this command. Read More

Compress and move all Mail.DAT files from the Presort folder

Use the command below to ZIP the Mail.dat files from the current presort folder to another location in a script! Read More

Split Database into equal numbered record databases

If you need to split your database into multiple databases of an equal number of records, you can use this command to do that. Read More

Count Characters in a Field

If you want to count the number of characters in a particular field, you can run the following command Read More

Combine multiple people at the same address into one record

This command will combine multiple people at the same address into one record. Read More

Combine multiple records into one record that have the same last name at the same address

When you have more than one record at the same address, and both with the same last name, they'll be combined into The LastName Family Read More

Compare address in all records and mark the longest

The command below counts the number of characters in the field named Address and marks the record that has the largest number of characters Read More

Add a field to the beginning of a database

This command adds a field to your database and inserts it at the beginning of the table structure.
Read More

Add a seed record to a database

You can use this Command to add a new record to any file with data in fields you specify Read More

Fill a field with a descending record number

This command that will populate a character type field named RECORD with sequence numbers in descending order:
Read More

Add A Blank Record Between Trays

The command will add a blank record between the trays, now you can export the list to whatever format you need
Read More

Reverse MoveDate_ format

If you would like to reverse the format of the NCOALink MoveDate_ field so that it is month then year, use this command. Read More

Issue a group number, count and delete indicator to Dups

If you would like to have a group number assigned to you duplicate records as well as a count and a delete indicator, download the following command Read More

Create a CSV of your Data Structure with field lengths

This command creates a Comma-Separated file (csv) of the Database Structure with the Start-Stop Character Positions for each field in the database. Read More

Create a list of SCF and NDC counts

This command will examine an opened database and will create a new database that lists all of the SCF and BMC facilities for the records in that databse, and the amount of records in each facility. Read More

Add NDC field and data to your database

If you want to add a NDC field to your database and populate it with the 3 digit NDC ZIP based on your 5-digit ZIP Code, then open your database, pull down the Edit menu to Command, and run this command Read More

Mark records within Nth days of todays date

This command will allow you to mark or fill records if a date type field in your database is within Nth number of days of today's date. Read More

Mark when date field data is within 7 days of current date

Here's a command that will mark the records in your list where the field named entry_date contains dates that are within seven days of the current date Read More

Add SCF and Zone information to your database

The following command will add fields named SCF and Zone, and populate the respective fields with the SCF 3 digit ZIP Codes and Zone numbers. Read More

Create a break when information changes in a field

If you would like to create a break mark when information changes in a field, follow the instructions below. Read More

Mark Invalid ZIP Codes in a database

Use this command to mark Invalid ZIP Codes in your database. This makes it so you can identify Invalid ZIP Codes in a script, as you won't have to pull down Select to Show > Invalid ZIP Codes. Read More

Pause for Nth Seconds after a function

If you need a command or script to pause for Nth seconds before continuing, use the following line in a command.
Read More

Extract a file with a command

To extract or unzip a .zip file with the command feature, open a database and pull down the Edit menu to Command, then run this command: Read More

Rename and relocate the eReport.pdf with a command

This command and either copy or move the report file to a secondary location in addition to renaming it Read More

Add records and split names based on first

This command will duplicate a record and split the name information into the added records when you have multiple names separated by a comma in the field named "FIRST" Read More

Change name of your reports from file name.pdf to CASS Certificate.pdf

If you want to rename the PDF of your CASS Certificate, calling it CASS CERTIFICATE.PDF, run this command Read More

Convert number 1234 to One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four

The following command will convert ANY numeric value to its English equivalent. Read More

Delete a field if the field is blank for all records

Here is the command to delete a field (column) from the database if all of the records are blank in that field. Read More

Add a date to a field

Add the current date to a character field Read More

Create a new database of unique records based on any field

If you would like to create a separate file for all unique records based on any field you can download the following command.
Read More

Compress a presort folder into a .zip file

Use this command to compress a presort folder into a .zip file. Read More

Calculate distance for all records from any zip

If you would like AccuZIP6 to fill in a distance field with the miles from any particular zip code for all records, then download and run the following command. Read More

Calculate distance from up to 20 different locations

This command will calculate the distance from up to 20 different locations and write out 20 different Excel files with the records that are the closest to those locations. Read More

Calculate a prorated cost for any amount

If you would like to prorate a cost for any amount you can use the following command to do so.
This is useful if you are selling a service that is based on an annual cost and someone needs to purchase it for a portion of that. Read More

Delete when there are Nth number of the same record

Use this command you would like to remove a set of records when there are Nth number or more of the same record Read More

Convert Currency to English

EXAMPLE: $19,971.83

Count the number of words in a field

In this command, the number of words in the Address field will be tabulated in a field named countadd:
Read More

Eliminate Multiple Spaces Between Words

This command will eliminate double spaces (and more spaces) in between words in a field, so there will only be a single space in between words: Read More

Erase Address2 when Apt number is in Address & Address2

If you find that some of the records in your database have apartment number information in the address field and that information is duplicated in the address2 field, this command deletes the information out of address2 when there is a match. Read More

Quick CASS and NCOALink report

If you would like to print out a quick CASS/NCOALink and ANKLink report you can use this handy command. Read More

Create an Excel file with count on 5-digit ZIP Codes

This command will create an excel file listing each ZIP Code in your database and the quantity in each ZIP. Read More

Launch .exe from Command Window

If you need to launch an .exe file from the command window, here is the command that will do it.
Read More

Center data in a field

In case you want to center the data in a field, perhaps for the purpose of exporting your data in a centered format, this expression centers the field named First in a 75 character line Read More

Mark, Group and Count duplicates in your database

Use this command to assign a group ID to the duplicates in your database as well as a count on how many are in each group and the priority record based on what you selected in the duplicate setup window. Read More

Count marked records and fill count into another field

This command can take the total number of times a given value is in a field, and put the count into another field. In the example below, if you have 50 marked records, it'll put the number 50 into field1 for every marked record. Read More

Populate City and St when you have only address and ZIP

If you have a need to populate the City and St fields when only the ZIP is available then use the following command. Read More

Mark Records that have a non-alphanumeric character in field

This command will mark records that include a character that's neither a letter nor a number Read More

Combine multiple record information into one record

This command will combine the information in any field to the priority duplicate record separated by commas. If you have matching records that have information in a field that you would like in one record then use this command. Read More

Duplicate Records based on a value in a field

Change the word fieldname to the name of the field that contains the quantity. Read More

Creating a new database with family members combined

If you would like to combine family members into one record to save on postage and still list everyone on the piece you can use the following command. Read More

Add Database name to a field in your database

This command adds a field name then fills the database name into that field Read More

Change the name and/or width of a field

The following command changes the name of the field named zipcode to zip. Read More

Fill Leading Zeros into the ZIP field

Use this command before you validate your database when you're importing an Excel file that has east coast or Puerto Rican addresses (ZIP Codes that have leading zeros). Read More

Add a Column to your database using the command feature

NOTE:Replace "fieldname" with the name that you would like to use. The "c(75)" represents a character type field with a length of 75 spaces wide Read More

Copy a field from one list to another when records match

If you want to compare two databases and, when there are matches between records in the two databases, take the contents of a field (or fields) from one database and add it to the matching records of the other database, use this command. Read More

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