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Create a list of SCF and NDC counts

This command will examine an opened database and will create a new database that lists all of the SCF and NDC facilities for the records in that databse, and the amount of records in each facility.

The database can be opened and exported using any of our available export formats like Excel or CSV, or you can open the database and print the report to PDF or to your printer.

Here is how you will implement the command and reports:

1. Download the and unzip the .frx and .frt into the \AccuZIP6 5.0\Reports\ folder.
2. Unzip the .fxp in the file to the \AccuZIP6 5.0\ folder.
3. Open AccuZIP6 5.0 and any database that contains a field named zip.
4. From the Edit menu, choose Command…
5. Click New to create a command and give the command a name, e.g., SCF and NDC Counts
6. Press TAB and into the Command Statement Syntax box, enter the following command:


7. Click Run.
8. A Message Box will appear and timeout after 5 seconds when the process has been completed, letting you know where the file has been created.

You can then close the Command window, and open the new Database to print the “Facilities.frx” report.

1. From the File menu choose Open Database
2. Open the *_scf-bmc.dbf created in Step 7 above.
3. From the File menu choose Print > Reports…
a. Note: Instead of Printing the report, you could Export to Excel, CSV or any other supported format.
4. Select the Facilities.frx report and print it.

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