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Insert a comma into a number when the number is larger than 999


This command is used to place commas into a field when the number in the field is greater than 999.

The command will make the following types of changes:

It will change 1000 to 1,000

100000 to 100,000

10000000 to 10,000,000

The Command

Replace all fieldname with IIF(LEN(ALLT(fieldname))>6 ,LEFT(ALLT(fieldname),LEN(ALLT(fieldname))-6)+","+SUBSTR(ALLT(fieldname),LEN(ALLT(fieldname))-5),ALLT(fieldname))
Replace all fieldname with IIF(LEN(ALLT(fieldname))>3,LEFT(ALLT(fieldname),LEN(ALLT(fieldname))-3)+","+SUBSTR(ALLT(fieldname),LEN(ALLT(fieldname))-2),ALLT(fieldname))

In this command, FIELDNAME represents the field that contains the number. Change the word fieldname to the name of the field in your database that you want this command applied to. Before running this command, make sure your field is wide enough to hold at least two extra characters. Pull down the Edit menu to Fields to find out.

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