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Create an Excel file with count on 5-digit ZIP Codes

ON ERROR com_message=message()
alter table alias() add column zip5 c(5)
replace all zip5 with left(zip,5)
SELECT zip5, city, st, count (zip5) as zipcnt ;
    from (com_alias) group by 1,2,3 into table FORCEEXT(DBF(),"")+"-zip5_count"
copy to FORCEEXT(DBF(),"XLS") type XLS
SELECT (com_alias)
delete file FORCEEXT(DBF(),"")+"-zip5_count.dbf"

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Prior to Accuzip we used SAP Postalsoft. We looked for its replacement and chose Accuzip based on testimonials of how great customer service was and on pricing which was very attractive. Best move we've ever made in software and you folks live up to all the good things I heard. I still get calls every 6 months from FirstLogic ( a distributer of the old Postalsoft and others) to see if I'm still happy with Accuzip. I always say the same thing: Yes, very happy. Thanks for checking in.
B.H., Newtown, PA