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Learn which records qualify for HD, HD+ or Saturation Rates

This command marks records that have enough pieces in a route to qualify for High-Density rates (or better). After running this command, show the marked records, and that will display the records that qualify for these rates. Run this command after address validation.

replace all x with " "
SELECT LEFT(zip,5)+crrt as zip FROM (ALIAS()) GROUP BY 1 HAVING COUNT(LEFT(zip,5)+crrt)>=125 INTO CURSOR _zips READWRITE
INDEX ON zip TAG zip
REPLACE X WITH "X" FOR SEEK(LEFT(zip,5)+crrt,"_zips")

With that selection on your screen, you can add DSF2 to this selection of records by following these steps: 

  • Pull down the Special menu to Data Enhancement Services
  • Choose DSF2 and click Process

This will add walk sequence numbers to a field named walkseq_ 

Show all records (if you want to presort your entire list) then presort your list with the Include CRRT Sort Level box checked in order to get the HD, HD+, and Saturation rates for the selected records.

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