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Merge Data from Duplicate Records into 1 record and 1 Field

This command will combine information from up to 3 different fields and 30 duplicate records into one record.
  • Download the command file to your system.
  • Extract the “Merge Dup Information Into A Single Field 30 Max.txt” into the AccuZIP6 5.0\Commands Folder.
  • Extract the “merge_dup_any30.FXP” directly into the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder.
  • Open the database that you would like to run the command on.
  • Run the duplicate search as normal, MAKE SURE TO SELECT “Backup Duplicates” in that screen.
  • Run the command from the Edit|Command option. This command will combine up to 30 matching records into one field.
  • In the command you can combine up to 3 fields, simply list the fields in the command.
**1st Field**
**1st Field**

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