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Parse Address Command

Make sure the address, city, state, and ZIP Code information is in the field named Address. Nothing is in city, st, or zip.

Pull down the Edit menu to Command, then run this command:
replace all address with reduce(address)
replace all address with ALLT(address)+" "+ALLT(city),city with ""
use in iif(used('_uszips'),select('_uszips'),0) 
replace zip with allt(substr(address,rat(" ",allt(address)))),; 
   address with left(address,rat(" ",allt(address))); 
   for empty(zip) and isdigit(right(allt(address),1)) 
replace address with allt(address)+" "+zip,; 
   zip with "" for isalpha(allt(zip)) 
public comalias 
use (addbs(xDefFldr)+"dmm\_uszips.dbf") in 0 order uszip 
replace city with _uszips.prefcity,; 
   st with for seek(left(zip,5),'_uszips') 
use in iif(used('_uszips'),select('_uszips'),0) 
replace address with left(address,rat(left(city,4),upper(address))-1) ; 
   for !empty(city) and rat(left(city,4),upper(address))>0 
replace city with allt(substr(address,rat(" ",allt(address),2))) for (empty(city) ; 
   or allt(st) $ address) 
replace address with strtran(address,allt(city)) for allt(city) $ address and !empty(city) 
replace address with allt(address)+" "+city for !" " $ allt(address) 
replace city with "" for allt(city) $ address and !empty(city) 
release comalias

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