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Continuous Bundle Numbers

If you would like your bundle numbers to be continuous throughout the presorted file rather than restarting at the next tray you can use the following command to accomplish that.
  • Download and extract the command file to the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder.
  • Presort your list as you would normally do.
  • After the presort select Print Labels from the Print Presort window.
  • Select Disk File from the upper left of the Print settings screen and click Continue.
  • Export all the fields to a new AccuZIP6 5.x database,
  • Close out of the Presort and select the new database from the File>Open Database option.
  • Pull down the Edit>Command and create a new command.
  • In the command statement syntax area, type the following:
The command will convert the GPB_ID field to be continuous throughout the presort.
You can then print from that file.

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