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Calculate distance from up to 20 different locations

This command will calculate the distance from up to 20 different locations and write out 20 different Excel files with the records that are the closest to those locations. This command is very beneficial from a marketing standpoint letting you market the records that are closest to your store based on the 5-Digit ZIP Code

1.Download and extract the command file.
2.Place the “Calculate20 Store Locations.txt” file in the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\Commands folder.
3.Place the “calculate20.FXP” in the root level of the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder.
4.Open any database and validate the records.
5.Open the command from the Edit>Command option.
6.Select “Calculate20 Store Locations”
7.Modify all of the 20 City and Zips in the command.
NOTE> If you do not have 20 locations then fill in “BLANK” in the City area and “00000” in the Zip
8.Run the command.
There will be a new folder named “C:\Proximity” that will contain 20 different files, with each file having the name of the origin city specified in the command (or less if you do not have 20” with the records closest to that location). Each file will contain the records from your database that are closest to the city's location.

For example, if two of the cities in the command are Boston and Los Angeles, then two files will be created, one for Boston and one for Los Angeles. The records in the Boston file will contain the records that are closest to Boston. The records closer to Los Angeles than Boston will appear in the Los Angeles database.

In your database, a field named Group4 will appear, and this field will contain the closest city for each record. To print a report that lists how many records are closest to each origin city, pull down the File menu to Print > Reports, and print the Count on Group4 report.


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