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Add a package break mark to non-packaged based presort file

Presort your list as normal.

Click the Print Labels option in the Print Presort screen.

Select Disk File for the Output format.

Select ALL fields, and export to an AccuZIP6 5x database.

Open the Edit|Command window and paste the following:

ON ERROR com_message=message()
SELECT GPB_ID,cont_id FROM (comAlias) GROUP BY 1,2 INTO TABLE "C:\unique.dbf" readwrite
USE ("C:\unique.dbf") IN 0 ALIAS "unique"
	INDEX ON allt(cont_id)+allt(GPB_ID) tag mytag
SELECT ("unique")
	alter table alias() add column sequence c(7)
	replace sequence with &comAlias..sequence for SEEK(allt(cont_id)+allt(GPB_ID),comAlias)
SELECT ("unique")
	INDEX ON allt(sequence)+allt(GPB_ID) tag mytag
	replace Pkgmark_ with "*" for SEEK(allt(sequence)+allt(GPB_ID)  ,"unique")
USE IN IIF(USED("unique"),SELECT("unique"),0)

This will add the * in the Pkgmark_ field for package breaks on non-packaged-based mailings.

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