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Copy a field from one list to another when records match

INDEX ON ALLT(UPPER(address))+ALLT(zip) TAG mytag
REPLACE all phone with databaseWithInfo.phone1,email with for SEEK(ALLT(UPPER(address))+ALLT(zip),"databaseWithInfo")

In the above command, I compared two databases, and when there were matches based on the address and zip fields, I took the information from the phone1 field in one database and copied it into the other database's phone field. I did the same with the email fields in the two databases.

DatabaseWithInfo is the database that originally contained the phone1 and email information. I wanted to take that information and put it into the fields named phone and email of the database named databaseWithMissingInfo.

The index line (the third line of the command) specifies which fields I want to compare between the two databases. That index is referenced again in the last line of the command, within the SEEK( ) function. The database that you're filling information with will only be referenced once in the command.

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