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Combine multiple records into one record that have the same last name at the same address

Example Input:
John Smith 100 Main St
Jane Smith 100 Main St
Kevin Smith 100 Main St
Result you will see in the field named FIRST:
The Smith Family

Make sure the name information is separated into the First and Last fields. if not you can Parse the name information from the Special>Parse> Name option.
Run the duplicate search from the Select>Show Duplicates option, with Household selected in the general tab as the search criteria.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to select the "Backup Duplicates option" at the bottom of the screen.
Update the database with the duplicate results.
Run the following command from the Command window (Edit>Command) You can copy/paste the following command into the Command statement Syntax area of the command window and click RUN.

ON ERROR com_message=message() 
PUBLIC cDupFilePath,comAlias,comUnique 
PUBLIC ARRAY comArFiles(1,1) 
* Get the current Databases Alias Name 
* Capture all back file names in memory 
* Create the variable name for the duplicate records 
USE (cDupFilePath) IN 0 ALIAS (comUnique) 
INDEX ON therec_xx tag therec_xx 
ALTER TABLE (comAlias) ADD COLUMN priority C(1) 
ALTER TABLE (comAlias) ADD COLUMN name2 C(60) 
replace name2 with first for "1"$(priority)
replace all priority with "" 
REPLACE priority WITH IIF(!DELETED(),'1','2') for SEEK(RECNO(),comUnique) 
replace first with "The "+allt(last)+" Family", last with "" for "1"$(priority)
delete for "2"$(priority)
USE IN IIF(USED(comUnique),SELECT(comUnique),0) 
RENAME (FORCEEXT(cDupFilePath,"rpt")) ; 
   TO (cDupFilePath+".txt")

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