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Weed out unwanted routes from EDDM List


Look at your Excel file or text file of the ZIP's and routes you need to mail. Note the beginning ZIP and the ending ZIP in that range.
Build your EDDM list in AccuZIP6 (Select menu > Create Simplified/EDDM Address list) by entering this range (such as 15212-25019). Keep that list open.
Now use File menu > Open List. Open the text or excel file containing your ZIP Codes and routes. Assign the field named ZIP to the 5-digit ZIP Codes. Assign CRRT to the carrier routes. Import this list.

If you need to add a leading zero to the ZIP Code, run this command:

Replace zip with PADL(ALLT(zip,5,"0") FOR LEN(ALLT(zip))<5 AND !EMPTY(zip)

Delete blank records with this command:


With 5-digit ZIP Codes in ZIP and 4-character carrier routes in CRRT, pull down the File menu to Save Database As, and name it zipsroutes.dbf. Put it someplace where you'll be able to find it, like your desktop. Close that database, so only the EDDM list is currently open.

Run the following command. The command will have you browse to select the database of ZIP Codes and routes that you want to keep. Once you've selected this, the command will compare the EDDM list and your ZIP/Carrier Route list, mark the matches, then delete and pack anything that is not marked, leaving you with only the ZIP Codes and routes you wish to mail.

com_db = GETFILE('dbf', 'EDDM Routes Table:', 'Open', 0, 'Open')
USE ("&com_db") IN 0 ALIAS "zipsroutes"


***CLEAN zipsandroutes***
*Replace all crrt with SUBSTR(zip,7),zip with LEFT(zip,5)

***This section marks the routes we want to keep in each ZIP***
INDEX ON LEFT(zip,5)+ALLT(crrt) TAG mytag
REPLACE x with "X" for SEEK(LEFT(zip,5)+ALLT(crrt),"zipsroutes")

***This section deletes the un-marked routes***

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Would you please pass along to the rest of the AccuZIP team how refreshing it is to have great support? I was an Accuzip customer for several years and left almost 2 years ago thinking the grass was greener on the Bulk Mailer side of the fence. BOY WAS I WRONG! It was one of the worse decisions I made in a long time and actually switched back before my subscription was up with them, paying for an entire year of their software without using it. Eric welcomed me back, and your team got us up and running in no time. The tech support with BCC which gobbled up Bulk Mailer was horrid at best. Very sterile and no personalities or willingness to help at all when you actually were able to talk with someone.
C.H., Sandusky, OH