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Insert Commas into proper places within a number

Before running the command, pull down the Edit menu to Fields and make sure your field is wide enough to hold the command.

Replace all amount with IIF(LEN(ALLT(amount))>6 ,LEFT(ALLT(amount),LEN(ALLT(amount))-6)+","+SUBSTR(ALLT(amount),LEN(ALLT(amount))-5),ALLT(amount))
Replace all amount with IIF(LEN(ALLT(amount))>3,LEFT(ALLT(amount),LEN(ALLT(amount))-3)+","+SUBSTR(ALLT(amount),LEN(ALLT(amount))-2),ALLT(amount))

The command works with a field named Amount, so change the name of that field in the command to the field you're working with in your database.

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