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Swap last and first at the comma (change last, first to first last)

This command moves anything before the comma to the end of the field, after what originally appears after the comma. This example uses a comma and the field named First. With some field name changing, you can use this command on any field. You can change the comma to a hyphen or pipe if that's the character that you want to trigger the swap. Any field, any character.

*Example: Cowher, Bill & Kaye changes to Bill & Kaye Cowher
*Example: Roethlisberger, Ben changes to Ben Roethlisberger
*Example: Gordon III, Melvin changes to Melvin Gordon III

This command requires the name to appear in the field named First

Replace first with ALLT(ltrim(substr(first,at(",",alltrim(first))+1)))+" "+left(first,at(",",alltrim(first))-1) for occur(",",alltrim(first))>0

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