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Transfer the last word in a field to another field


This command will remove the last word in a field, and take that word and move it to its own field. The word "FromFieldname" in the command syntax below should be changed to the actual field name you want the last word removed from. Since the last word in FromFieldname will be moved in this command, make sure ToFieldname is changed to the actual name of the field that you will be moving the last word to. This command will not affect records that contain only one word in "fieldname". You can adjust the ">0" clause so the command only acts on records with "n" numbers of spaces. Example, change ">0" to "=3" and the command will only affect records that contain "3" spaces (examples shown below).

The Command At Work

Before Command After Command
Before running command
After running command

The Command

Copy this command, then paste it into the large text area of the command window:

Replace ToFieldname with ltrim(substr(FromFieldname,rat(" ",alltrim(FromFieldname)))), FromFieldname with left(FromFieldname,rat(" ",alltrim(FromFieldname))) for occur(" ",alltrim(FromFieldname))>0

In this command, ToFieldname represents the field that the last word will be filling into. FromFieldname is the field that contains the data that you'll be stripping.

After clicking RUN, the last word in the field will be stripped and placed in its own field.

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