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Four reasons why a presort won't finish

When you click on the Presort button from the Presort Setup window, this should automatically take you to the Print Presort window, where you can print your tags, reports, and addresses.

If you click on the Presort button and you're taken back to the database instead, here are some reasons why that could be happening:

  1. You're presorting a list that hasn't been validated, and you have the Include Non ZIP+4 Records box unchecked.
  2. There are no ZIP Codes in the ZIP field.
  3. The walkseq_ field has something in it other than or in addition to numbers. That field should only contain numbers (though it should be a Character type field).
  4. There's a custcode=custcode line in the database's .ini file. This reason for the presort not completing, however, has been fixed in an AccuZIP6 update (version 5.4.12). If you have a version earlier than this one, visit to update your software.

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The [Merge Fields feature]...saved me hours of having to do a bunch of manual address corrections in an updated database, that I already had done months ago on my original database. What a relief. Certainly Rolaids can't top this.
V.J., Los Angeles, CA