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To access the AccuZIP6 Updates page, you must be a registered user of the AccuZIP6 software. To find your account number, launch AccuZIP6. The account number will appear at the top of the page. Companies and Accounts Outside the United States cannot legally download and install the bi-monthly DVDs and the USPS database ADRDATA files. In those cases, please get in touch with for the Web Services link.

Q. For the AccuZIP6 Bimonthly update, should I download the .iso or the .zip file?

A. If you're using an operating system newer than Windows 7, you can download either. Here are the pros and cons of each:

The .zip file...

  • Is a smaller download than the .iso file
  • Requires the .zip file to be extracted before installation can take place
  • Works with Windows 7 operating system and newer

The .iso file...

  • Is larger than the .zip file, so it has a slightly longer download time 
  • Fewer steps are required to install
  • There is no requirement to extract a .zip file for a successful installation.
  • Requires an operating system newer than Windows 7 to complete the installation instructions.

Q. How do I find the username and password for the bimonthly update?

A. You'll find this directly above the Download link:

Username and Password for downloading AccuZIP6 bimonthly update

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