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Feature Standard Edition Business Edition Full-Service Edition Professional Edition Cloud Solution
CASS Certified™ for address standardization
Includes 5-Digit, eLOT®, CRRT, DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink® processing
Residential Delivery Indicator      
Unlimited real-time access to our Licensed NCOALink® service2  
Unlimited real-time*access to our ANKLink® service (48-month matches)    
AccuTrace IM® barcode and QR Code Tracking service3    
Technical Support
Individual and Group Training
GOLD PAVE™ Certified postal presorting
First-Class Mail®, Standard Mail®, and Periodicals
Advanced Presort - Every Door Direct Mail® List creation and presorting
Advanced Presort - Intelligent Mail® barcode (Full and Basic)
Advanced Presort - Bound Printed Matter Flats, Irregular Parcels, Machinable Parcels
Advanced Presort - Customized Market Mail
Advanced Presort - Periodical Firm Packaging
Advanced Presort - Trays on Pallets      
Advanced Presort - Sacks on Pallets      
Advanced Presort - Packages on Pallets      
Advanced Presort - Detached Address Labels
Advanced Presort - Repositionable Notes
Advanced Presort - Carrier Route (Walk Sequence and Line of Travel)
Advanced Presort - ZAP (Zone Analysis Program)
Entry point discounts for DSCF, DNDC, DADC and DDU to all BMEU Facilities
USPS documentation and qualification report
3541, 3600R, 3600EZ, 3602EZ, 3602G, 3602R
3602N, 3602NZ, 3605R, 8125, 3553
Mail.dat for PostalOne!® (Compatible with MAILdb™ and DAT-MAIL®)
Adds missing and corrects misspelled data
ZIP + 4®, CRRT, eLOT®, Last Line, Suite Data, Barcodes
Duplicate Detection by Person, Household, Address, Custom User Defined
Merge/Purge across multiple lists  
Graphic label and report designer  
High-speed printer support  
Barcoded container labels
Intelligent Mail barcode support for Address Labels with High-speed printers
Intelligent Mail barcode support for Container Tags
Intelligent Mail barcode support for Pallet Placards
Command Feature  
Script Monitor for unattended operation  

1 AccuZIP Direct Mail Cloud Solution includes AccuZIP Direct Mail RESTful API, Enfocus Switch®, XMPie® uStore® and EFI® Digital Store Front®. The AccuZIP Direct Mail Cloud Solution is not a replacement for the award winning AccuZIP6 desktop product

2 AccuZIP Inc. receives weekly NCOALink and ANKLink updates.

3 AccuTrace Service includes a 1,000,000 unique serial number range for use in a 45 day period in the Full-Service Edition and a 5,000,000 unique serial number range in the Professional Edition. Additional Full-Service and Professional Edition licenses share the same unique serial number range as the original license. Additional unique serial numbers can be purchased separately.

ATTENTION PERIODICALS MAILERS! If you only mail Periodicals class mail, check out the AccuZIP6 Periodicals Edition

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