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Rename the Presort folder and PDF's to the name of the File

This command will allow you to rename the Presort folder, eDocumentation.pdf and eTags.PDF to the name of the file being processed during a script. This is useful to keep track of jobs based on the file name.

1. Download the and extract it into the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\Commands folder.

2. Add the attached command to the script after you print the tags and reports from a Presort.

NOTE: In the presort setup window you MUST name the presort folder “Presort Folder”

3. The command will rename the .PDFs for the tags and reports and also rename the Presort Folder the same name as the file you are presorting with the added date/time stamp for uniqueness.

4. The command will also close the databases so make sure there are no more functions needed to run after this command.

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