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Script Monitor stuck on "Building"


When you launch AccuZIP6, your monitor button just says "Building" and sits like that for a time, making it unable to be clicked.


What that's doing is querying all of your current watch folders for files it could be processing. Normally that's not an issue, but when you run a script, you may notice that AccuZIP6 archives files into folders in many cases. So if you had a "C:\Working" watch folder set up, when your script finishes, you may have an extra "Demofile 03202015" folder inside from when that script ran.

Your watch folder will not pick this up to process, but when the Script window launches, it sees that folder. And it's scanning through its contents for something to process. Then it moves to the next archive folder, and the next--multiply that by the number of watch folders you have set up. That is the reason for this behavior.


The only way to prevent it is to clear those archives out from the watched folders. If those are eliminated and it has nothing to keep scanning, it will not go through that behavior. It's not an issue with the number of scripts you have, but an issue with the amount of folders and files to scan through within the watch folders.

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