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Select a specific PAF ID when running NCOALink in a script

Users have previously requested a programmatic way to select a PAF ID based on the file that is currently going to be processed. For this, we've included the ability to use a .nlk file to do just that.

If your script was going to run a file (in this case, let's say "demofile.csv"), then you would want to create a "demofile.nlk" file in the same directory. The file will only have a single line:


In our example, you could put whatever you wanted for "SETTING". Some users use specific company names, anything to help them identify what this is. Then, the PAFID will be an actual, valid PAFID for your account. It does require a pipe to be in between the values, as that's what the software uses to find the PAF ID.



Would find the PAFID of "DA111" on your system, and automatically run with that PAF for that file. If the PAFID is invalid, it will default to whatever your last used PAF was.

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