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Update Amyuni PDF Driver for Windows 11 using Parallels for Mac

Follow these steps to manually update the Amyuni PDF driver in order to work properly on Windows 11 through Parallels on the Mac

Uninstall PDF Driver 3.x

Open Command Prompt and Type (below) and press Enter:

CD C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0

(or the path to the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder if it is different.)

Type:Install.exe -u

Press Enter to Uninstall

Install the PDF Driver 6.5

Download PDF Driver 6.5

Open the and drag the PDFDrivers folder to the root level of the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder.

Verify that the unzipped files are located in the ...\AccuZIP6 5.0\PDFDrivers\6_5\ folder.

Run Install.exe from the ...\AccuZIP6 5.0\PDFDrivers\6_5\ folder.

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