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Add a Return Address to a Label Template

By default, most AccuZIP6 label templates do not contain a return address. If you're using a label template that doesn't have a return address, these instructions will help you learn how to add one.

  1. From the Print Settings window in AccuZIP6, click on the Edit Template button.
  2. Click on the text tool (A) in the toolbar along the left hand side of the label template.
  3. Click your cursor where you want to begin the return address. Type in the text for the return address, pressing enter to continue to the next line.
  4. To reposition the text, click on the pointer tool, then click the text block and drag to the desired location. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the return address block one pixel at a time.
  5. To change the font of the text, click on the text to select it. From the Format menu, choose Font and select the desired font and point size.
  6. Close the template and click Yes to save the changes. The template is ready to print.

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