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Tech Notes

How to modify container tags

With your database open, pull down the Edit menu to Label.

Browse to the C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Reports folder.

Open the appropriate tag template:

  • sacktag.lbx :: tractor feed sack tags
  • sacktagc.lbx :: cut sheet sack tags
  • traytag.lbx :: tractor feed tray tags
  • traytagc.lbx :: cut sheet tray tags
  • traytagimb.lbx :: tractor feed tray tags with an IMB
  • traytagimbc.lbx :: cut sheet tray tags with an IMB

Once in the label designer, pull you can adjust the top margin (to make your tags begin printing higher or lower on the sheet) by double-clicking on the Page Header bar and adjusting the height.

Pull down the File menu to Page Setup, and you can adjust the left margin setting (allowing you to start the tag printing closer to the left edge or farther to the right), the width of the tag and the number of columns.

Click on Print Setup to select the printer that you want to use for the tags. If you're using a tag printer, you can also change the paper size to match the paper that you're using.

Let this tech note remind you to check your tag stock! If you're running low, it's time to order some moreand get same day shipping from AccuZIP Inc!

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