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Container Tags printing gibberish except for Barcode

Issue: Printing Container Tags to PDF prints the Barcode perfect, but all of the other Text lines “sometimes” print gibberish.

Reason: An Arial Font Conflict has occurred.

If you Edit C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Reports\TRAYTAGC.LBX, click once on the Top Text Box line, select Format|Font…, you will notice that the “Arial” font is a “Printer” font and NOT a TrueType Font. This occurred because the User installed new Open Type Library fonts that “replaced” the Standard Microsoft “TrueType” fonts. Thus, the Font Conflict.

Resolution: Edit the Container Tag Template and change ALL “Arial” fonts (this is all boxes in header and detail with the exception of the Barcode itself) to a “TrueType” font, like Franklin or Calibri, or any like “TrueType” font.

Resolution (Preferred): Install the Microsoft True Type – Arial Font Family.

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Would you please pass along to the rest of the AccuZIP team how refreshing it is to have great support? I was an Accuzip customer for several years and left almost 2 years ago thinking the grass was greener on the Bulk Mailer side of the fence. BOY WAS I WRONG! It was one of the worse decisions I made in a long time and actually switched back before my subscription was up with them, paying for an entire year of their software without using it. Eric welcomed me back, and your team got us up and running in no time. The tech support with BCC which gobbled up Bulk Mailer was horrid at best. Very sterile and no personalities or willingness to help at all when you actually were able to talk with someone.
C.H., Sandusky, OH