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Printing on cards with four on a sheet

If you're printing four postcards to a sheet and cutting the sheets into four sections, you might want the first quarter of the presort to print in the first stack, the second quarter to print in the second stack, and so on. North/South printing in AccuZIP6 allows you to do this. North/South order rearranges your presort so in a 1000 record database, record 1 would still be record 1 of the presort, but record 2 of the north/south file would be record 251 of the presort; record 3 of the north/south file would be record 501 of the presort, and record 4 of the north/south file would be record 751 of the presort.

The pattern would continue in this manner so when you print, the first column would print records 1-250, the second column would print recrods 251-500, and so on.

If you need to print labels in a North/South print order, this technote will tell you how.

  1. If you are printing from a presort click on Labels in the Print Presort window. If you are printing in list view order, pull down the File menu to Print>Labels.
  2. Select Disk File from the Output Type pull down in the Print Settings window.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Check the All Fields check box in the Export Setup window.
  5. Select AccuZIP6 4.x Database as the Export Format.
  6. Click on the Print Order pull down and Select the number of coulumns or cards you are printing per page. (For example North/South 4) for pieces with 4 cards per page.
  7. Make sure the All radio button is selected under Scope.
  8. Click Export.
  9. Give the north/south file a name and choose a location to save it, then click Export.
  10. Close all windows within AccuZIP6.
  11. Pull down the File menu to Open Database.
  12. Browse to the north/south file just created and open it.
  13. Pull down the File menu to Print>Labels.
  14. Select Label Format under Output Type.
  15. Select the appropriate label template from the template pull down.
  16. Click Print.

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