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Tech Notes

Settings for Taneum 615/620/622 Printers

  1. Install the Epson LQ2550 driver from your Windows Software:
    1. From the Start button choose Settings, and then choose Printers
    2. Double-click on Add Printer.
    3. In the Add Printer Wizard click Next until you reach the Manufacturers listing.
    4. Choose Epson as the Manufacturer and the Epson LQ 2550 as the model.
    5. Continue through the wizard and choose the appropriate port settings, etc. to Finish
  2. Edit the properties for this printer Driver:
    1. From the Start button choose Settings, and then choose Printers
    2. Right click on the Epson LQ2550 and choose Properties
    3. Click on Device Options
    4. In the Print Quality pop-up choose Draft
  3. Check the settings on your Taneum Printer:
    1. Set the Printers Emulation to Epson LQ2550
    2. Set the Font to Draft Fast
  4. Edit the Taneum label template:
    1. In the Print Settings window select the Taneum1X.lbx for 1-up printing or the Taneum4X.lbx label template for 4up printing
    2. Click on the Edit Template button
    3. From the File menu choose Page Setup.
    4. In the Page Setup window click on Print Setup.
    5. Choose the Epson LQ2550 as the Specific printer
    6. Click OK and OK again to return to the label template
    7. Select all the lines in the template by holding your Shift key down on your keyboard and clicking on each line in the template until all of the lines are selected
    8. From the Format menu choose Font.
    9. Set all the lines in the template to Roman 10 cpi, size 10. In Win NT change to 12 cpi.
    10. Close the template and then click Yes to save the changes when prompted.
  5. Windows NT users, follow the steps below:
    1. Edit the label template
    2. Double click on the barcode line.
    3. Change the expression to "$$[10m"+taneum(barcode)
    4. Click OK

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