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Edit Tray and Sack Tags

The tray and sack tag label templates in the AccuZIP6 program are designed to print on the tray and sack tag stock that is sold by AccuZIP6. If you are trying to print in a different format like one column labels, then you will have to modify the template.

Additionally, every printer is different. It is difficult to design a template that will match every printer's setup. If your label is printing out of alignment, you will need to modify the template.

The following are some basics when modifying tag templates:

  1. Open any database in AccuZIP6.
  2. From the Edit menu, choose Labels.
  3. In the Open window, go up one level to the AccuZIP6 5.0 folder, then open the iPresort folder, then the Reports folder.

    The tag templates are defined as follows:

    Traytag.lbx Tractor feed tray tags
    Traytagc.lbx Cut sheet tray tags
    Sacktag.lbx Tractor feed sack tags
    Sacktagc.lbx Cut sheet sack tags
    Traytagimb.lbx Tractor feed tray tags with intelligent mail barcode
    Traytagimbc.lbx Cut Sheet tray tags with intelligent mail barcode
  4. Open the desired tag template.
  5. To change the columns to one up:
    1. From the File menu, choose Page Setup.
    2. Change the Columns to 1
  6. To increase or decrease the width of the label or left margin:
    1. From the File menu, choose Page Setup.
    2. Adjust the left margin to the measurement that you prefer. Increase the number in the Left Margin text box to begin the tag printing farther to the right, or decrease the number to begin printing closer to the left edge of the paper.
    3. Adjust the width to the actual width of the tag you are printing to.
    4. Adjust the spacing to the measurement of the space between the tags.
  7. If the tags are beginning too high or too low on the tag sheet:
    1. Adjust the Page Header bar, either by moving it up (to make the tags begin higher on the sheet) or moving it down (to make the tags begin lower on the sheet).
    2. The Page Header bar is right above the tag information. Click and drag the Page Header bar up or down, or double-click on the bar and change the height of the Page Header by typing in the height.

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