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Presort only records in specific SCF areas

The following step by step instructions will help you search for a specific SCF in your database, then presort only those records.

Open your database.

Pull down the Edit menu and choose Command.

Create a new command, and name it “Add SCF Field”

Paste the following command into the Command Statement Syntax box:

* Suppress Messages

* Add SCF column

* Add SCF number
REPLACE ALL scf WITH substr(GetLineValue(ADDBS(xDefFldr)+"iPresort\DMM\AZL002C.txt",INT(VAL(LEFT(zip,3))),67,.T.,.T.),9,3)

Click Run.

Close the Command window.

Click on the Look In pull down menu. Choose the SCF field.

Type in the SCF 3 digit ZIP (such as 320).

Look In pull down menu of AccuZIP6

Now you’ll have just the records displayed that are in your SCF.

With that selection on your screen, pull down the Sort menu and choose Presort Mail.

In the Presort Setup window, make sure you choose your SCF chart for these SCF records.

Make sure all your other settings are correct, and you’re ready to presort.

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