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Save the presort folder to a different location

When you presort a list in AccuZIP6, it creates a presort folder that contains all the presort information. By default, the presort folder is saved to the same directory as the database you are presorting*. If you would like to save the presort folder to a different location, follow the steps below:

  1. With your database open on your screen in AccuZIP6, pull down the Sort menu to Presort Mail. (If you are sorting for automation rates, be sure you have validated the list first.)
  2. In the Presort Setup window click on the button below Save Presort to.
  3. Browse to the directory you want the presort folder saved to.
  4. Click Select.
  5. Make sure the Presort Setup window is setup correctly for your mailing and click Presort.

*Note: If you have previously selected a presort folder location and would like to reset it back to default, click on the button under Save Presort To, then click Cancel.

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