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Build a DDU Chart for DDU Entry Discounts in AccuZIP6

If you receive carrier route rates in your mailing, you may qualify for additional, Destination Delivery Unit (DDU) discounts on the carrier route qualified mail. Pieces that are being entered at the delivery unit that serves the delivery address on the mail could qualify for DDU discounts. This technote explains how to add DDU ZIP Codes to AccuZIP6.

  1. From the Sort menu, choose Presort Mail.
  2. Click on the chart button to the left of the Local Post Office checkbox in the Mail Drop Setup area.
  3. In the Destination Delivery Unit Setup window, click on the New button (It looks like a piece of paper).
  4. Give the chart a name and click the Save button (It looks like a floppy disk).
  5. Type a DDU ZIP Code into the Enter ZIP Code box, then click on the down arrow button.
  6. Type in any additional DDU ZIP Codes that you'd like to add to the list.
  7. Click Save.

Your DDU database is now set up. Non-letter size pieces that qualify for DDU discounts will now receive the DDU rates on the postal form.

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