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Change the thickness of bundles AccuZIP6 creates

Follow the instructions below to change the thickness of the bundles that AccuZIP6 creates. If you have to rubber band your bundles and the post office requires 3" bundles, the instructions below will show you how to make an advancedsettings.ini file that the Presort feature will look at in order to override the 6" bundles that AccuZIP6 is currently creating.

Browse to the C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\INI Defaults\ folder.

Create a new Notepad file, and name it: ADVANCEDSETTINGS.INI

In the ADVANCEDSETTINGS.INI file, paste the data in the Code box below:



Where it says MAXBUNDLESIZE=50, change the 50 to however many pieces make 3". So if 30 pieces make 3", then change the last line to read:

Close the file, then click Yes to save the changes. Bundle sizes will not exceed the number you entered into the advancedsettings.ini file.

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