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Periodicals: Limited Circulation 5% discount

Preferred Rate Discounts: Authorized Nonprofit and Classroom mailers, and publications that meet the standards for Limited Circulation publications and Limited Circulation Science-of-Agriculture publications receive a discount of 5% off the total Outside-County postage excluding the postage for advertising pounds. Publications, excluding Nonprofit, Classroom, and Limited Circulation Science-of-Agriculture publications, receive a 5% discount off the total Outside-County postage, exclud­ing the postage for advertising pounds, if eligible copies are mailed at In-County rates and the total number of Outside-County copies mailed for that issue is less than 5,000.

If you qualify to receive the Limited Circulation 5% discount, you can select this option in the Presort Setup window.

Choose Periodicals from the Class pull-down menu, then click on the Status pull-down and choose Profit (5% Discount).

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Just wanted to say THANKS!!!!!!! Great training session and I ran another list this afternoon, no issues!!!! You ROCK!!!! I am just so pleased with AccuZIP...Donna and Crissy are wonderful and everyone is so helpful! Very refreshing in these times!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!
L.B., Englewood, FL