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SCF and NDC Drop Shipping in AccuZIP6

SCF Drop Shipping Tutorial Video

The following instructions will tell you how to set up the Presort window in AccuZIP6 to perform an SCF drop. The instructions for choosing NDC drop ship locations are identical to the SCF instructions, with the single exception that you'll click on the NDC chart button instead of the SCF chart button. To create a DDU Chart, follow these instructions.

  1. In the Presort Setup window, click on the button to the left of the SCF checkbox (or the BMC checkbox, depending on whether you’re drop shipping at a different SCF or NDC).
  2.  In the SCF chart, click on the Create New Chart icon, then give the SCF chart a name.
  3. Down in the SCF table where it lists every SCF post office in America, check the SCF boxes where you plan on dropping your mail. After checking these boxes, click Save.
  4. The Mail Drop Setup area of the Presort window will now show the name of your SCF chart.
  5. Click Presort.

When you print your reports, you’ll be able to print the PS Form 8125 (Drop Ship form) which will account for the pieces at each drop ship location, and your mailing statement will give SCF rates for all records that are applicable. The Qualification report groups the trays in the mailing by entry.

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