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First Class Postage statement failed to account for all pieces

[Error 7027]
A First Class Postage statement failed to account for all pieces. Expected: xxx, mapped: 0. For Postage Statement Seq. Id: xxx, no postage rate was found for this combination of inputs: Seg Id: 0001, Cpt Class: 1, Ctr Status: R, Postg Grouping Id: , Mailing Date: 03/31/2015 00:00:00, Customer Ref Id: , Fed Agency Cost Code: , Permit Number: xxxx, Permit Zip: xxxxxxxxx, Postage Payment Method: P, Permit Type: PI, Finance Number:xxxxxx, Process Category: FL, Rate Type: R, Mpu Class: 1, Rate Schedule: , Rate Cat: N, CQT Zone: N, Number of Pieces: xxxx.

The error occurred because the MPU Surcharge (MPU-1115) is populated with R which is not valid with the following combination of inputs:

Rate Type = R (.mpu 88-89, .cpt 81-82)
Postage Payment Method = P (.mpa 140)
Processing Category = FL (.mpu 91-92, .cpt 83-84)
Rate Category = N (.cqt 35-36)
MPU Surcharge = R (.mpu 96)

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Vince [in support] took the time and spent about 2 hours on the phone with me as we walked through an issue and figured out the problem. To me he went above and beyond normal support and really thought outside the box to figure out the solution. Thank you again Vince for all your help.
M.K., Aurora, IL