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MailAnywhere success in AccuZIP6

In the Presort Setup window, enter the ZIP Code of the post office where you will be dropping the mail.

Presort your list.

In the Print Presort window, click on Print Reports.

Make sure the Mailing Statement is checked, then click Print.

In the Mailing Statement Setup window, enter the MailAnywhere Account Number (that's associated with the permit being used) in the space provided (third column). This will be the EPS number for a permit that's associated with the EPS account, or the Payment Account Number for that Permit if not associated with an EPS account!

Below that, enter the ZIP Code of the facility where you will be dropping the mail.

In the Post Office of Account ZIP Code box, enter the ZIP+4 of the location where your permit is held.

Generate your reports.

The link to the MailAnywhere Guide can be found here.

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Your technical staff is very good! Everyone I have live chatted with has, for the most part, solved the issue on the first pass.
T.R., Dothan, AL