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Successfully Claim Informed Delivery Campaign Incentive Discounts

Users have had issues claiming the correct incentive/promotional rates that the USPS puts out every year, so this post will serve as a basic outline of how the process works.

To claim an incentive or content designation on a PostalOne job, you must choose an Incentive type from the "Incentives" area in the bottom right corner of the Presort Setup window within AccuZIP6.

After you select your type (I-Incentive, C-Content, or F-Fee), you will want to click the "..." button beneath it to pull up the current code choices.

Checking the box for the appropriate code will then instruct AccuZIP6 to create a maildat.ccr file with your Characteristic Type (C, I, or F) and Characteristic Code (a 2-letter code for your current promotion).

When you upload to PostalOne, that Incentive (promotional campaigns), Content (Political Mailings), or Fee will be properly credited to the job.

Currently, there is an Informed Delivery Campaign event in process. The Informed Delivery department sent out this helpful notification to users, which may help troubleshoot issues within the Informed Delivery system:

Procedures to Follow if Informed Delivery Promotion Discount is Not Successfully Claimed

If the discount for the Informed Delivery Promotion is NOT showing up in the Postage Statement, please use the following checklist before seeking support:

1) Check that your Informed Delivery Campaign is SUBMITTED or ACTIVE in the Mailer Campaign Portal, OR that the appropriate fields are included in your eDoc records.
a. When using Campaigns in the MCP for qualification, check that the piece barcodes (start serial and end serial) related to the Mailpiece Unit(s) claiming the discount are within the start and end of the Campaign in Campaign Portal.
b. When using Campaigns in eDoc, check that the Mailpiece Unit(s) claiming the discount also either have Campaign Data associated with either those Mailpiece Units or with the piece records (PDR/PBC/MailPieceCreateRequest).
2) Check that the Campaign is in the active DATE RANGE
3) Check that you met the campaign submission deadline, NOON EASTERN, the day prior to statement finalization.
4) Check that the proper CCR code for the Informed Delivery Promotion, “PI” has been entered on the postage statement.

As with all promotions, if you cannot successfully apply the discount on your postage statement, please contact the PostalOne! Helpdesk at or by calling 800-522-9085, and take out a Help Desk ticket.

If you still need support, you may contact the Promotions program team by sending an eMail to Please include the following for these requests:

• Subject Line of the eMail must include: “Issue Claiming Discount”
• Please include your help desk ticket number
• Please provide the following: Mail Owner/MSP, Name, CRID/MID
• If possible, please provide screenshot from the checklist above to show MCP Campaign details including status, or the campaign code and MID used on IMb barcode
• Please provide the Statement ID in case of a Postal Wizard Statement, or Job ID, and attach the Job ID as part of the email

The Promotion requirements state that the discount must be claimed at the time of mailing. If you are not able to successfully claim the discount at that time, you must immediately initiate this process. HelpDesk tickets and eMail requests entitled “Issue Claiming Discount” must be created on this same date or within 3 days, and cannot otherwise be initiated after the fact.

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