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Print the Intelligent Mail Matrix Barcode (IMmb) in AccuZIP6

Shipping labels on irregularly-shaped packages, softpacks, and polybags can easily become distorted or creased during automated parcel processing making reading the traditional, linear IMpb barcode challenging to scan.  USPS has developed the IMmb to help overcome these challenges and improve package visibility.  IMmb barcodes contain the same data as is in the IMpb barcode; however, they use a more robust, space-efficient robust barcode symbology for encodation.  The smaller barcode footprint allows two IMmb barcodes to be added within unused areas of existing standard shipping labels.  The result is redundancy of the barcode data giving sorters two additional chances to read the barcode. 

The US Postal Service® recommends incorporating the IMmb on all package shipping labels and it will soon become a requirement for HAZMAT shipments.

Intelligent Mail Matrix Barcode (IMmb) on USPS Priority Mail Label

The Intelligent Mail matrix barcode (IMmb) is a two-dimensional (2D) representation of the Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) used to augment the IMpb and improve the readability of routing and tracking data. It is highly recommended for any soft pack, poly bag or other packaging whose irregular shape may impact the ability of scanners to accurately read the linear IMpb. It is also recommended for any shipment carrying hazardous materials. However, it may be used on any USPS parcel shipping label.

GS1 DataMatrix Placement

  • Left of the Delivery Address in the Address and Delivery Information Segment, and
  • In the lower right corner of the shipping label(in the “Additional Information and User Segment”section) beneath the Identification Bars (aka Railroad tracks). 

How to print the IMmb in AccuZIP6

Intelligent Mail Matrix Barcode (IMmb) for Parcel Mailings


Intelligent Mail Matrix Barcode (IMmb) Technical Specifications

Standards for Intelligent Mail Barcodes

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