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Create Business Reply or Courtesy Reply IMB Art - PDF or EPS

Business Reply (Requires a Business Reply Permit that can be obtained from your BMEU) or Courtesy Reply (Place Stamp Here – Person replying applies postage)

Go to:

Sign in to the Business Customer Gateway or Register to create a login.

You will need a Mailer ID to create the Intelligent Mail Barcode Reply Art.

If you do not have a Mailer ID you will need to obtain one before proceeding. To obtain a Mailer ID choose MAILER ID on the Welcome Screen Tab under Favorite Services.

After Signing In choose: Mailing Services then Automated Business Reply Mail.

The Next Step is to choose the correct type of Reply Mail:

Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM)
Your Customer pays the postage before mailing the reply back to you. This works best for billing or more assured responses.

Business Reply Mail (BRM)
This type of Reply Mail encourages customers to respond since postage is prepaid, and cards and envelopes are preaddressed

Qualifed Business Reply Mail (QBRM)
Get greater discounts with QBRM by using a barcode to make your Reply Mail automation compatible.

Meter Reply Mail (MRM)
Apply Meter Stamp or PC postage to First-Class Mail Envelopes.

Enter the Delivery Address (The address that Reply Mail will be returning to.)

Select the Mailpiece size: Choices of Fixed or Custom Sizes.

Reply Mail Creation Screen:

  1. Enter Mailer ID number. (Your Mailer ID or the Mailer ID of the customer you are creating the Reply Art for.)
  2. Enter a Name for this piece of Reply Art and select Font Type and Size.
  3. Enter Address and or Logo for Upper Left Corner of Piece, if desired.
  4. Confirm Delivery Address and add Logo to Address Area, if desired.
  5. Enter Serial Number (This will be added for you if area is left blank.)

If you are creating artwork for a Mailer ID not linked to your Business Gateway login account you may receive the following message.

The Mailer ID ###### is not in your user profile. Please verify you are authorized to use this Mailer ID before selecting Continue.

Click Continue to go forward.

After the Reply Art is created you can download the art in either a PDF or EPS file.

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Your technical staff is very good! Everyone I have live chatted with has, for the most part, solved the issue on the first pass.
T.R., Dothan, AL