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Dealing with Large Datasets

AccuZIP supports a maximum file size of 2GB. When dealing with large datasets, here are some steps to figure out how many records you can work with in AccuZIP6 for your given database.

First, you'll create a small sample file of your database. This doesn't harm the original file if your original file is an Excel or text file. 

Open your list in AccuZIP6 and use Edit menu > Delete to delete all but 500 records. Check the Pack Database box before clicking Delete.

Now that you have a small sample size, run address validation with NCOALink.

Now you can determine how many records will fit in the table by following the formula below:

  • From the Edit menu, choose Fields
  • Click on the Table tab.
  • You will see Records: Fields: and Length:
  • If you'll be presorting, write down the length and add 172 to the length (so if you see a length of 500, your length after presort will be 672)
  • Divide 2000 by the Length and you will get the number of records you can bring into this table. (For example, if the Length (after adding 172 for the presort field lengths) =680 then 2000 ÷ 680 = 2.94 million records. )

Now you know exactly how many records you can import based on address validation with NCOALink and based on address validation and presorting.

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