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Export Endorsement with Tray and Sequence number

In the Export Setup window, add the Endorse field to the Export Field Attributes area.

In the Expression column, paste the following expression:

ALLT(PADL(TRANSFORM(VAL(cont_id)),6," "))+"*"+ALLT(PADL(TRANSFORM(VAL(sequence)),6," "))+"*"+PADL(ALLT(endorse),25,"*")

If you want the endorsement line to be Pallet number, Container number, Piece number, Endorsement, use this expression instead:

ALLT(PADL(TRANSFORM(VAL(pallet_id)),6," "))+"*"+ALLT(PADL(TRANSFORM(VAL(cont_id)),6," "))+"*"+ALLT(PADL(TRANSFORM(VAL(sequence)),6," "))+"*"+PADL(ALLT(endorse),25,"*")

Remember to save the export map so you'll have this expression for later use. Expressions can be copied from one export map to another.

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