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Change names of fields when exporting

Whether you're exporting a presort or exporting your database without presorting, you can change the names of the fields that you'll be exporting. For instance, if you'd rather have the container number field named tray instead of cont_id, you can change this during the export.

  • In the Export Setup window, double-click on a field you'd like to export, which adds your desired field from the Field List to the Export Field Attributes area.
  • Highlight and copy (CTRL+C) the name and paste it into the Expression column on the same row. That tells AccuZIP6 to export that field.
  • Change the word in the Name column to your desired field name. Doing this will export the field name as whatever you called it in the Name column. Field names are restricted to 10 characters in length, with no spaces.

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