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Export the Code 128 Barcode Characters

To export the Code 128 Barcode characters for use in another program, follow these steps:

1. Presort your list.

2. From the Print Presort window click Print Labels.

3. From the Print Settings window click on the Output pull-down menu and choose Disk File.

4. From the Export Setup window, click the “Add User Defined Line to Export” button (located to the right of the “Export All Fields” check box)

5. Enter: Code128 as the name of the new field.

6. Copy/Paste the line below into the Expression text box area on the same row as the Code128:

7. Add all of the other fields you want and select the Export Format you want, i.e. Comma Separated, dBase, etc…

8. Click Export.

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As a new customer of Accuzip, I just wanted to thank you for all of Accuzip’s help and patience with us in preparing this job so well. Our particular thanks to your technicians for multiple support calls and emails with our elementary questions while we learned on-the-job. Frankly, none of us had any experience with postal regulations or mail list technology, so we are especially grateful to have had them as a resource. Please tell them how much we appreciate their help!
K.M., Atlanta, GA