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Exporting Zone Data for Periodicals or Bound Printed Matter

Some users have requested that the zone information be exported from a Bound Printed Matter presort. AccuZIP6 5.0 doesn't do this by default, but by following a few simple steps, you can get this functionality.

  1. Close any databases open in AccuZIP6 5.0.
  2. From the File menu, choose Open Database.
  3. In the Open Window that appears, navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Templates folder.
  4. Double-click the file presortout.dbf to open it. This is the presort file structure that AccuZIP creates.
  5. From the Edit menu, choose Fields.
  6. In the blank box at the bottom of the table designer, create a field named zone. Make it a character field, and make the width 3.
  7. Click OK and make the Table Structure Changes permanent by clicking Yes.
  8. Close the presortout file.

Now, when you presort for bound printed matter or periodicals, the last field available for you to export will be zone, and it will have the zone detail information in it!

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