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Updating the Area Code in the Phone1 Field

Area codes are always changing. AccuZIP6 can update the area code information in your list. When you Validate, AccuZIP6 will create a field named area_ with the update area code for each record. The following instructions will guide you through updating the phone1** field with the updated area code.*

  1. With your list open, from the Special menu, choose Validate Records.
  2. Check the Area Code check box under Output. Setup the rest of the Validate Records window as usual.
  3. Click Validate.
  4. If a Missing Fields window displays, click OK to let AccuZIP6 add the missing fields needed.
  5. When Validation is complete, from the Edit menu, choose Command.
  6. Click the New button to add a new command.
  7. Type 'Update Area Code' in the Save As box.
  8. Press the TAB key on your keyboard to move your cursor to the Command Statement Syntax text box.
  9. Type the following Command Statement:
    replace phone1 with stuff(phone1,2,3,left(area_,3)) for "(" $ phone1
  10. Click Run.

*The phone field must be formatted as follows for the command to work:
(###) ###-####
**If you would like to update the phone2 or phone3 field, replace phone1 in the command with phone2 or phone3.

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