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Manifest Mail: Required and Optional Fields and Required Reports

This information is for Manifest mail, not MLOCR. Manifesting requires you to have the piece thickness and piece weight, and you perform the presort in AccuZIP6.  MLOCR is a post-process (where you don't know the piece thickness and weight. You print labels without presorting). 

The following notes are for the upcoming Manifest Mail Add-On Module for use with AccuZIP6.


piecelb: 6 characters wide | The weight is a fraction of a pound with leading zeros (ex. 007882 = .7882 lbs)

piecethick: 6 characters wide | Implied decimal is after second character (ex. 025000 = 2.5" thick)


piecelen: 7 characters (implied decimal after 3rd digit)
piecehigh: 6 characters

Piece size chosen from Presort Setup window Size pull-down menu: 

For Manifest Parcel, Letter, or Flat: Choosing Manifest as the piece size disables the Minimum/Maximum container boxes (because the piecelb and piecethick fields determine the quantities in the containers).

Prior to Presorting, add a keyline field to your presortout.dbf file, as you'll need to print the keyline field on your mailpiece. Here are the instructions to add the keyline field to the presortout.dbf file (which adds the keyline field to your presort output file):

  • In AccuZIP6, pull down File to Open Database
  • Open the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Templates
  • Open the presortout.dbf
  • Pull down the Edit menu to Fields.
  • Add a field named keyline
    • Make it a Character type field with a width of 30
  • Click OK, then click Yes.
  • Close the database.


  • Mailing Statement
  • CASS Report
  • Qualification Report
  • USPS Manifest Listing (manifest itemized report)
  • USPS Manifest Summary Report

Each of the above reports is created by the AccuZIP6 Presort.

NOTE: The Sack Min/Max is displayed in pounds, not pieces. When you select Sacks (White), the 15 and 70 represent pounds. Adjust the number 70 in the sack max box to however many pounds you want the sack maximum to be.

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