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Manifest Mail: Add Price Per Piece field to your presort file

By default, the rate_ field will appear as 0.00 when you perform a manifest mailing. But there is a field that can be added that will give you a price for each piece in the presort. Follow these instructions to create that field:

  • With AccuZIP6 open, pull down the File menu to Open Database.
  • Browse to C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Templates and open the presortout.dbf file.
  • Pull down the Edit menu to Fields. In the Table Structure window, add a field named qualpstg.
    • Make it a Character field and a width of 7.
  • Click OK, then click Yes to make the structure changes permanent.
  • Close the Presortout.dbf file.
  • Presort your database.
  • In the Print Presort window, click on Print Labels.

In the Print Settings window, there will be a field named qualpstg which will contain a 7-digit number with an implied decimal after the third digit.

Example: 0003350=.335

This field will be available when you export the presort.

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You are a genius and I have no excuse for not thinking of this before calling. Our customer is good with cutting the tops and bottoms for the booklets to get under 16 ounces. Thank you for getting me out of a jam and thank you even more for offering your help with this project! I decided to switch to AccuZIP after speaking with Steve at the Minuteman Show. I was impressed with his idea of customer service and you have totally proven him right.
M.M., Petaluma, CA