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Cannot Create ActiveX Component: AccuAddress.AddrCode6

AddrCode = CreateObject("AccuAddress.AddrCode6")

If this produces the following error:

Cannot Create ActiveX Component

You’ll need to know the path to the AccuAddress.dll and AccuAddress.tlb files. These would normally be in your project folder or the final production program folder.

Open the DOS Command window As An Administrator and run this command, where “DotNetFolderName” needs to be changed to the actual .Net Framework folder name, e.g., v2.0.50727, and “PathTo” needs to be the Folder Path where the AccuAddress.dll and AccuAddress.tlb reside.

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\DotNetFolderName\REGASM.EXE "PathTo\AccuAddress.dll" /tlb:AccuAddress.tlb

This will register these items successfully and fix the error you’re receiving.

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