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Add User ID Info and Redirect URLs to AccuTRACE

If you would like to add User ID information from your uploaded files to AccuTRACE, in your AccuZIP database put that contact information into a field that you have created called USERPCID. Make sure this field is set to a width of 50 - this is required. To do this, pull the Edit menu down to Fields and make the width of the USERPCID field 50.

NOTE: It's important that commas are not present in the USERPCID field, as the comma causes the data following the comma to shift into the Piece Redirect URL field, making the QR Code scan visit a redirect URL that doesn't exist.
In AccuZIP6, pull down the Special menu and choose Replace. Search for a comma in the userpcid field and replace it with a space. Choose All in the Scope area and click Replace.

If you would like to add piece-level URL redirects to AccuTRACE for your uploaded files, enter the Piece Level URL information into a field in your AccuZIP database called USERPCURL

This information will then be uploaded to your AccuTRACE job for that database.

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